Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is from a single estate in the Paarl Valley and is certified by SA Olive Association, an association representing the interests of the South African olive industry that also ensures exceptional quality oils are made using only local olives. Our Oil is a natural and unrefined olive oil, packed with valuable antioxidants, mono-unsaturated fats or ‘’good fats’’, vitamins and gorgeous flavour components with a fruity characteristic. 

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  1. QUALITY-Local EVOOs compete at the international level with the best in the world and come out tops! There is no reason to assume that European oils are better, especially at the price.
  1. VALUE-Don’t fall for cheap imports. Top-quality Italian EVOO costs from R300 per 500ml upwards whilst excellent local oils range around R115 per 500ml.
  1. AUTHENTICITY-Europe has been rocked with EVOO scandals for decades, with blended olive oil (or worse) labeled as Extra Virgin. Rest assured that local EVOO’s are pure!
  1. FRESHNESS-It is the freshest oil you can buy – straight from the farm to your local distributor. Imported oils have traveled a long way to get here. Check production dates. Fresh is the best!
  1. JOB CREATION–Buying local supports our economy, creates jobs, and ensures a sustainable olive industry. Olive farming is labour intensive and conveniently follows the grape harvest.
  1. EXPERIENCE- Whenever possible, visit the farms, meet the makers, do a tasting, discover the landscape, enjoy the shops, restaurants, and accommodation. Live the EVOO life.