When faced with the natural beauty of the KwaZulu Natal  Battlefields it can initially be hard to imagine that so much bloodshed has taken place here, but the very name of the vast region reminds one that in these picturesque hills and vales with their unique rock formations, the mighty Zulu nation collided with the bullish British in a series of skirmishes that saw spear and firearm vying for victory.

There’s something about walking where renowned military men and other leaders fought that really makes history come alive – this is where the great Shaka trained his men for war, where Churchill, Ghandi and Botha played pivotal roles and where the blood of thousands soaked into the green grass.

KZN Battlefield Highlights

  • Anglo-Boer War Sites – visit  Spioenkop, Rorke’s Drift, Dundee, Ladysmith and Isandlwana – a local registered guide will be able to help you learn about who fought whom where, and why. Learn about the various strategies used in battle, hear stories of bravery and loss – history in school was never this tangible! Visit Fugitives Drift which overlooks the Battlefields of Isandlwana.
  • Big Game Safaris – Visit Spioenkop Game Reserve to enjoy the sight of giraffe nibbling on acacias, zebra grazing in the grass and rhino cooling off at a watering hole at this malaria-free reserve in the foothills of the majestic Drakensberg.
  • Outdoor Experiences – The natural topography of Battlefields create challenging hikes through beautiful landscapes. Fight your own battles on a river raft with the white water rapids of the Thukela River. Enjoy exploring the region on horseback. Plenty of rivers and dams with associated wetlands mean great birding and fishing opportunities abound.
  • Cultural Experiences – View San Rock Art near Rorke’s Drift – ideal for an outing when you stay at Nxala Ranch. Make time to stop at the Zulu Cultural Village at the Talana Battlefield Museum